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Engineered waste water treatment facility for the OZ minerals project

RWTS were successfully awarded the head contract to design and construct a suitable engineered waste water treatment facility for the OZ minerals project in Carapateena South Australia.   Client: OZ Minerals Location: Carapateena South Australia Technology implemented: EcoFarmer 250 Industry: Mining   BACKGROUND The OZ minerals camp design life was for 20 years with a 450 peakread more

Engineered water treatment system for the township of Linville: SEQWater

RWTS were subcontracted by SEQWater to design and manufacture a engineered water treatment system for the township of Linville.    Client: Practical Engineering and SEQwater Location: Linville municipal water treatment plant Technology implemented: Engineered water treatment system for the township of Linville Industry: Infrastructure   BACKGROUND Due to the 2013 floods and changes in raw water fromread more

Ultrafiltration System: Veolia Energy and University of the Sunshine Coast

RWTS were subcontracted by Veolia Energy to design and manufacture a ultrafiltration system (UF) for the University of the Sunshine Coast.   Client: Veolia Energy; University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) Industry: Infrastructure - School and Universities Systems: Ultrafiltration   BACKGROUND The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) is a leading tertiary education provider, catering toread more

Wastewater Treatment Plant and Reverse Osmosis System: Westgold Resources

A wastewater and water treatment system for Westgold Resource's 200-man remote camp in Western Australia.   Client: Westgold Resources Industry: Mining Systems: EcoFarmer Wastewater Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis   BACKGROUND Westgold Resources, a top 10 Australian gold producer, recently began operations on their fourth Western Australian project – Cue Gold Operations. In order to manageread more

Wastewater Treatment System: Balter Brewery

Balter Brewery approached RWTS with the need for an upgraded trade wastewater treatment system to handle their steadily increasing daily load. The Issue | An overrun wastewater treatment system The wastewater treatment system procured originally was designed adequately for the daily load of 3000 litres and was sufficient for the brewery's early beginnings. However, dueread more

EcoFarmer Sewage Treatment System: Wallumbilla Remote Camp

RWTS supplied two EcoFarmer 100 wastewater treatment systems to the Santos' Wallumbilla remote camp. These WWTPs were acquired from RWTS's rental fleet. For more information on the systems we offer for lease, click here. RWTS installed and commissioned a potable water system and wastewater treatment system to the site. Treated effluent from the EcoFarmer wasread more

Wastewater Biological Polishing and Ultrafiltration System

RWTS custom-built a wastewater treatment back-end biological polishing unit designed within an ultrafiltration system. The system treated Class C effluent to that of a true Class A final release standard.  The system was complete with front end glass media filtration, before water was filtered through the ultrafiltration membrane elements. The membranes of choice for theread more

EcoFarmer Sewage Treatment System: Santos Cooper Basin Remote Camp (Tarbat)

RWTS Eco Farmer 50 RWTS were awarded the contract by client Santos cooper basin projects to deliver a treatment system catering for their remote camps waste water needs out at Tarbat operations, Queensland. Due to the ever flocculating camp numbers (as low as 15 to 50 ep), the process of  converting the BOD and Nitrogenread more

Specialised Recovery Reverse Osmosis System: Manufacturing Industry

RWTS where engaged to engineer a solution in providing a recovery reverse osmosis system allowing for our client to maximise their wastewater reclamation potential on their production water streams. The treated water stream extracted from the process was further used in the production facility, reducing costs associated with water and waste handling. The system designread more

EcoFarmer Wastewater Treatment Plant: Miles Airport

RWTS was tasked with implementing a wastewater treatment system for the Miles Airport in Queensland.  This project involved the design and construction of a wastewater treatment plant as well as its installation and commissioning. The design integrated a wastewater disposal system to the surrounding gardens to re-purpose treated effluent. Based on the unique requirements of theread more

Wastewater Treatment Plant and Servicing: Kimberley College

A customised treatment process for a growing school community in Carbrook, Queensland.  RWTS were engaged by Kimberley College to rectify their waste water treatment facility. A key consideration for the development plan was the expansion of the school from 600 to 1,200 students. Due environmental sensitivities, RWTS worked in conjunction with environmental engineers to develop a sustainableread more

Sewage and Potable Water Treatment, and Water Reclamation: Horizon Shores Marina

RWTS facilitates the servicing and ongoing growth of Horizon Shores Marina. To date, RWTS has upgraded the sewage treatment facility, potable water system and water reclamation plant to ensure Horizon Shores Marina's site complies with the Gold Coast City Council regulations.

Arsenic & Cyanide Treatment Plant: Gold Ridge Mining

RWTS was awarded the contract to build an arsenic and cyanide removal system for Gold Ridge Mining Ltd's St Barbara site in the Solomon Islands. The site was a tailing storage facility used in a gold production process. The facility was contaminated with levels of cyanide arsenic and other heavy metals. RWTS build a treatmentread more

Ultrafiltration: Darling Downs Eggs

RWTS, in conjunction with client Integrated water management, delivered a complete water solution to the Darling Downs Eggs precinct. This project was aimed at supporting the improved health of the birds, ultimately minimising mortality, yielding higher gross margins overall for the farmers. Water treatment a key ingredient to the survival of the birds found thatread more

Chemical Dosing System & Plant Monitoring: Bungaroo FIFO Camp

Accommodation villages for workers in remote locations rely on a secure water source as their drinking water supply. In many instances, where water is transported in and stored, additional chemistry is required to maintain effective chlorine residual. The RWTS water treatment plant has provided a turnkey means of disinfecting the water supply in the Bungaroo FIFO camp to allow for safe consumption. Forread more

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