Ultra Filtration Membrane Modules

Our high-performance Ultra-filtration Membrane Modules provide superior treatment to raw water sources, removing even the most undetectable suspended substances, microorganisms, colloids and impurities.

The advanced technology of these systems clarifies and decontaminates water by passing it through hollow, semi-permeable fiber membranes at a low pressure, removing suspended matter on a molecular level. Through the use of this physical treatment process, the need for chemicals is eliminated, providing a more sustainable solution for the removal of larger solutes.


  • NSF Certified membranes
  • Hydrophilic improved PVC membrane material
  • Unique anti-fouling membrane surface
  • High physical tensile strength and chemical resistance
  • Apertures evenly distributed with high precision
  • High and stable flux rates
  • Constant supply of safe drinking water, with UF systems engineered to comply with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Seimens HMI Interface for premium operator control


  • Remote telemetry functionality for remote access and alarming
  • Automated enhanced back flushing for enhanced filter rejuvenation
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