abattoir wastewater treatment, Abattoir Wastewater Treatment

The Australian red meat and poultry processing industry is a significant consumer of fresh water and a high producer of wastewater. Abattoirs produce a high source of waste water that require stringent onsite waste water treatment prior to council sewer release or land application. In addition, drought and resulting water restrictions cause enormous pressure on processing plants to reduce water consumption. Along with restrictions, costs around wastewater disposal makes it essential for businesses in this industry to carefully choose their wastewater treatment options.

Underling waste water issues faced in the Abattoir industry?

Many abattoirs visited across the country have existing infrastructure in place with supported hardware that is not efficiently catering for the hydraulic or nutrient demand placed on the biological process. When the process weakens the immediate response is that the biological nutrient removal (BNR) treatment process is failing and an alternate source of water treatment hardware needs to be adopted. In many cases this not the answer, the appropriate solution may be to redesign the current process hardware, allowing for higher oxygen and mixing demand with the correct sludge management process. It is recommended to also implement a smart automation system to manage sludge waste and save on further failing expenses.

Abattoir Waste Water Treatment Services provided by RWTS?

Remote Water Treatment Services philosophy is finding the right solution for our client, operator, and environment. There have been many scenarios where the biological process treatment system has been made redundant as the primary treatment source. A costly dissolved air flotation (DAF) type treatment process with an extremely high chemical expenditure to boot is adopted or sold into the organisation.

RWTS take a simplified approach that doesn’t cost our clients any unnecessary operational expense by firstly looking at remodelling the current biological treatment process. Our smart automation platform allows easy on site operator engagement adjusting all necessary parameters to drive the process including; dissolved oxygen, anoxic mixing times, sludge wasting and return, all through the touch of an HMI and/or remote desktop monitoring.

RWTS stringent process modelling involves classical calculations supported by advanced bio win modelling software where the team can place multiple loading scenarios whilst explaining to our clients the differences in treatment processes so an informed decision can be made by the consulting board. This process of client education, classical calculation validated by sophisticated modelling software gives our clients an informed and proven solution that will ensure the system is managed at its full potential. Whilst also meeting the stringent environmental guidelines placed on treated water to land. Furthermore, it is imperative that an independent waste water review is completed by a reputable process biological RPEQ engineer that will confirm the process put forth.

If you have an onsite treatment system that is failing the local legislative final release parameters, or your process and loading from the factory source has increased, please get in touch with RWTS for a comprehensive review of your site waste water treatment process.

abattoir wastewater treatment, Abattoir Wastewater Treatment

Abattoir Water Treatment Services provided by RWTS?

Many regional abattoirs rely heavily on fresh water supply for internal process and wash down requirements. In smaller townships water cannot easily be provided to the operation and the company must seek an alternate source to produce the water requirement.

RWTS can support their clients in feasibility studies to seek water from a suitable source and then analyse a treatment process to polish the water to the standard required. This water treatment system may be a multi-train staged scenario with different water quality requirements.

RWTS advocates for sustainable water reuse to improve the cost of high water consumption in abattoirs. We understand the requirements of treating abattoir effluent and the need for a cost-effective water treatment and filtration system. RWTS customer service and hardware reliability is at the forefront of our commitment to our clients.