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At RWTS we specialise in designing and building custom water and wastewater treatment plants. 


Our team are experts in developing treatment systems that are optimised for our clients’ unique site requirements.We hand-pick each element integrated into your system, providing us the flexibility to create combination systems for complex circumstances.  Working closely with our environmental, chemical and structural engineers, we design robust systems that are assured to comply with legislation and site regulations, obtaining council approval where necessary, for the ultimate peace of mind.

RWTS specialises in remote area works, so we tailor the design of our systems  to ensure we can provide a solution for locations where others won’t go.

, Design & Manufacturing

Containerised systems

RWTS specialises in the custom manufacturing of water treatment equipment to fit comfortably and compactly within a robust, containerised format.  This greatly aids in the ability to transport your system anywhere.

All of our systems are a turnkey solution, incorporating the pumps, pipes and accessories unique to your requirements. We provide short-term and long-term water treatment, with systems which can be hired from a day to year or purchased to last a lifetime.


We have manufacturing houses based in Australia and Thailand, providing you with affordable solutions without compromising the highest quality materials and construction. The RWTS headquarters in Brisbane features a fully-equipped manufacturing workshop, allowing us to be an ongoing OEM supplier to a range of trusted companies, including Veolia, Ecolab and Integrated Water. Our ISO certified systems are built to last a lifetime, utilising premium calibre steel and protective membranes to secure the durability of your investment.


For a complete turnkey approach to your water treatment solution, RWTS can also take care of the commissioning and decommissioning, and the servicing and maintenance your system.


For tried and tested examples of RWTS designed and manufactured systems, see our projects.

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