, Ultrafiltration: Darling Downs Eggs

RWTS, in conjunction with client Integrated water management, delivered a complete water solution to the Darling Downs Eggs precinct.

This project was aimed at supporting the improved health of the birds, ultimately minimising mortality, yielding higher gross margins overall for the farmers. Water treatment a key ingredient to the survival of the birds found that we would treat the sites bore water through a  nanofiltration process with media filtration front end and calcium for hardness absorption on the permeate stream.

The additional water make up source came from the farms turkeys nest where raw surface water was treated through glass media filtration, disinfected with sufficient oxidant before entering the ultrafiltration system for further treatment. The RWTS design included our Improved PVC inside – outside  hollow fibre canister membranes complete on 316 industrial grade stainless steel equipment skid. The system was powered through a Mitsubishi PLC and HMI with Ewom modem for remote telemetry access to allow for plant manipulation and performance trending from the office with remote SMS alarm capability.

The ultrafiltration engineered package is designed to treat up to 10 kl / hr of permeate with redundancy @ a 98% efficient recovery rate. Both treated water sources make up the 120 KL panel holding tank which is then further recirculated and treated with a specific formulation of Chlorine dioxide maintaining bacterial loading within the water stream, keeping a residual oxidant throughout the water network.