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A customised treatment process for a growing school community in Carbrook, Queensland. 

RWTS were engaged by Kimberley College to rectify their waste water treatment facility. A key consideration for the development plan was the expansion of the school from 600 to 1,200 students.

Due environmental sensitivities, RWTS worked in conjunction with environmental engineers to develop a sustainable solution. All submissions were passed and approved by the local governing authority and the Department of Environmental Resources Management.

Due to the nature of the waste stream, RWTS process engineers needed to combat the higher than anticipated Nitrogen/ Ammonia loading that would be placed on the plant. This was done through various treatment processes, resulting in a Class B final effluent waste stream before further treatment by a customised ultrafiltration plant yielding Class A water fit for site release. The ultra-filtered water with a turbidity of less than 1 NTU is used as irrigation for the site through various methods as to not make contact with the students.  A 100 m3 panel tank forms part of the irrigation design accommodating for days’ worth of final storage capacity as to not irrigate through rain events an automated rain gauge sensor diverts the treated waste stream from the day irrigation storage tank to the holding tank for further irrigation when weather permitting. The system was then placed through an extensive commissioning phase with daily sampling and weekly nutrient and biological testing completed by the Redland City Laboratory and accepted and signed off on by all relevant governing personnel.

RWTS 3 years on still maintain the service contract for the school and assist in making sure the water is within release limits.