Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Freshwater supplies are limited – there’s no doubt about it.

RWTS’s reverse osmosis systems provide a reliable supply of safe drinking water to sustain regional and accomodation communities around Australia and the Pacific. Our reverse osmosis systems use modern technology to treat water for human consumption.

Varying levels of treatment are available utilising three key areas of technology

  • Nanofiltration – for water softening and colour removal
  • Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems – for surface water and bore water treatment applications with a total dissolved solids/salts level below 10,000 mg/L
  • Sea Water Desalination Systems –  for feed water with a high salt concentration and sea water treatment applications.


The RWTS Industrial Reverse Osmosis System Series integrates complete and proven pre-engineered designs, featuring user-friendly controls, resilient construction and easy access for maintenance and installation.

Our Industrial Series Reverse Osmosis Systems have been engineered to produce consistent high quality water with flow rates up to 1.5million L/day. The systems can be supplied with various additional features that will assist in the conservation of energy, reduce the amount of water required for operation and even provide for water recycling.


Although the specifics will vary depending on the project, the below diagram outlines a standard configuration of a traditional reverse osmosis process with pre-filtration. As with most water treatment systems, desalination will ensure the raw sea water undergoes pre-treatment. This involves pre-filtration, ultrafiltration, and antiscalant dosing. These initial processes are crucial to optimising the performance of the RO and ensuring the longevity of your plant. Pre-treated water will then undergo reverse osmosis, whereby the salt is separated from the pure water. Having stripped water back to basic H2O, further treatment will often be required to ensure water meets drinking water guidelines. This process will likely involve the remineralisation of water. Water then joins the water network and is distributed for a range of applications. 

Reverse Osmosis Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems


Industrial applications for the use of reverse osmosis technology include:

  • Production of potable (drinking) water from surface (river, dam, sea) or underground water sources
  • Pharmaceuticals production
  • Medical research laboratories and surgeries
  • Food processing production
  • Soft drink and bottled water production
  • Treatment of leechate and tailings from mining and refuse facilities
  • Pathogen, virus, bacteria removal from water
  • Powder-coating
  • Renal dialysis treatment requirements for patients suffering kidney disease
  • Printed circuit board production
  • Boiler feed water treatment
  • Any pure water application requirement



RWTS offers a range of tailored RO systems, complete with any necessary pre-filtration requirements . Working with our in-house team of experienced engineers, we can design, construct and install the ideal solution for your project. Contact us to discuss your specific site and discover how RWTS can vastly improve your water quality through a customised Reverse Osmosis System.



Our range of RO systems and equipment is unsurpassed in Australia with a huge range of components to match any budget. As a leader in water treatment services, RWTS clients benefit from the most competitive rates across the world’s leading brands and products, making the acquisition of spare parts not only convenient but affordable.



Want to secure the quality of your RO investment and ensure greater productivity? The RWTS Maintenance and Operations division can provide preventative servicing to optimise the performance of your system. We also offer 24-hour emergency response services to minimise downtime and ensure that in the unlikely event of any issues arising with your RO system, they are addressed immediately. 


Discover a few of the projects currently receiving the quality treatment of the EcoFarmer:

Reverse Osmosis Systems, Reverse Osmosis Systems

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